Visit Sant Gervasi- Joan Maragall Library

Students of the Master’s Degree in Architecture and Sustainability began the new module with a visit to the Sant Gervasi-Joan Maragall Library accompanied by the architect Toni Casamor, member of the Baena Casamor Arquitectes study, BCQ, who were responsible for the design and development of the project.

During the visit the strategies adopted for the design of the building were observed. Respecting the existing garden and farmhouse, they choose a buried design, which allows the creation of different spaces of different characters. Maintaining the communication of the upper park with its surroundings.

The interior program is adapted to the needs of today’s society, being a heterogeneous space, which allows various activities and the social relationship between neighbors, in turn, provides a wide and open space for study, due to the large light patios projected.

Also we could visit the machine room and see the different facilities that make up the building.

The building uses materials that make reference to the earth, such as interior partitions made of hollow brick with a view termination. It uses overhead and lateral lighting through large windows that provide excellent natural light to the interior.