Passive House Tour – Brussels 2013

On 5th and 6th December, 2013, we visited various buildings in Brussels, accompanied by the architects responsible for the projects. The aim was to discover the detail behind this energy efficient standard, which entails a very low limit to the energy demand for heating and refrigeration (15 kWh/m2 per year).

We visited the following buildings:

– Elia and Aeropolis II: two large office buildings designed by Sabine Leribaux and Marc Lacour (Architectes Associés).

– Zenobe Gramme: a project to reconvert and extend a residential and office building (Arcature Societé Cooperative d’ Architectes).

– Forest Emploi: an administrative building and kindergarten (A2M Architectes team).

– School nº 9: a kindergarten, also designed by architects from A2M architects, which is currently under construction.

– Meininger Hotel: a former beer factory now converted into a hotel and youth hostel (projected by A2M Architectes).

– Harem: an ecological neighbourhood of 30 houses on the outskirts of Brussels (designed by the A2M team).


We also attended a talk by Jeroen Poppe, the architectural consultant for the Passivhaus Platform of Amberes, who explained us the criteria behind the Passivhaus certification.