2013 Green Tour – The Netherlands

The 2013 Green Tour took place in the Netherlands, from 1st to 6th April, 2013. Students on the 2012-2013 Master’s Degree in Architecture and Sustainability visited office buildings, ecological neighbourhoods, a library and residences designed and constructed according to sustainable strategies.

  1. Talk at ZUYD University and visit to “the neighbourhood of tomorrow”, in Maastricht, as well as to residences rehabilitated to achieve zero-energy status.
  2. Public library of Amsterdam.
  3. Presentation of the Amsterdam Smart City project and the Smart Grid initiative in the New West neighbourhood.
  4. Visit to Residence 2.0, a sustainable house in Ijburg.
  5. Visit to Keetwonen: student residences made from recycled shipping containers.
  6. Transfer to Culemborg in order to visit the Eva Lanxmeer ecological neighbourhood.
  7. Visit to the offices of WWF in Zeist.