The trip to Malmo, Copenhagen and Stockholm made us reflect on the social effort and environmental re-education carried out in the Scandinavian countries.

In Malmo, we saw the ecological decks and gardens of the Augustenborg neighbourhood and also visited the sustainable neighbourhood of Västra Hamnen in the port area of the city. Both are examples of the tremendous theoretical, and indeed philosophical, effort that has made this a reality, with the combined efforts of the local authorities, technical staff and citizens.

We also visited the “Tourning Torso” tower, which is an example of an iconic building located in this recently recovered former industrial area.

The main visit in Copenhagen was to the extensive neighbourhood of Ørestad. We travelled there using the long, elevated train line that runs from the airport to the city. This area features some of the most modern and attractive architecture found in the Nordic countries.

The main visits in Stockholm were to the ecological neighbourhood of Hammarby Sjostad and an exhaustive visit to the low energy consumption Kungsbrohusset building, which is right in the centre of the city and is a nodal point for local communications.