High-rise Hotel in Guangzhou (China)

Guangzhou is currently the largest conurbation on Earth, with 46,900,000 inhabitants including the metropolitan. Skyscrapers and buildings of rapid construction, made of concrete, steel and glass, characterize its architecture.

This project proposes a high-rise building located in this city, adapted to the climate of the place. Passive strategies, which respond to the solar trajectory affecting the building, were used to minimize solar gains while taking advantage of the natural light, improving the users’ comfort. The study of solar movement throughout the year enabled to obtain the optimum inclination of the building’s skin, taking advantage of solar gains in winter and protecting it from direct radiation in summer, which reduced considerably the energy consumption in air conditioning systems.

Because of the rapid economic and urban growth happening in many Chinese cities, we consider it a priority to provide models of buildings that, through passive and active strategies, achieve a significant reduction in their energy consumption.

Team: Secilia López-Yáñez, Diana Marcela Patiño, José Enrique Rivera, Milagros del Pilar Santoyo, Daniel Eduardo Tenorio