Participation of A&SB in the 2018 Global Village, an international workshop for sustainable development in Xiqiao Town (China)

In August 2018 the A&SB Group (Architecture & Sustainability Research Unit in Barcelona) participated in the Global Village 2018 – 4th International Design Summer Workshop for Sustainable Development in Xiqiao Town (Nanhai District), organized by the Asia Architecture and Urbanism Alliance and the government of Xiqiao Town, among others.

The team of A&SB was formed by Carles Guillén (industrial engineer, expert in bioclimatic software of energy analysis and professor of the master and postgraduate courses of A& B), the architect Ma. Victoria Lo Ré (student of the 2016-17 edition of the Master Degree in Architecture and Sustainability – UPC School) and the architect Andrea Gómez (student of the 2017-18 edition of the Master Degree in Architecture and Sustainability – UPC School).

Taking advantage of the 30th anniversary of the adaptation of the Xiqiao mountain as a tourist area, this workshop proposed to study approaches to boost the local economy through an ecological and sustainable development. In the case of the group in which we participated, it was about designing a museum of art and culture integrated in the typical architecture of the mountain villages of the area, and that at the same time was modular, transportable, sustainable and passive. The workgroup was formed by the alumni of the master degree and by students from Chinese and North American universities.

Those were days of intense work and interesting and enriching experiences, with a lot of fieldwork and cultural exchange.