Passivhaus Tour – Brussels 2014

Last December, the students of the Master’s Degree in Architecture and Sustainability toured the Passivhaus in the city of Brussels. There, they visited various buildings, in different stages of construction, accompanied by the architects responsible for their design, who explained this construction standard and the main considerations at different phases of the project and in the execution of the final work.

We had the opportunity to visit the following buildings:

  • Belle-Vue, a project for the rehabilitation of a former beer factory and its conversion into a hostel belonging to the Meininger chain (A2M).
  • Maison de Quartier Saint-Antoine, a renewal project and a new development for a community centre (Faidherbe & Pinto Architectes).
  • Bruxelles Environnement, a new development, for the new office headquarters of “Bruxelles Environment” which is in the Tour&Taxi complex (CEPEZED).
  • Bonne Mariemont, new rooms and a school complex (TRAIT).
  • Brussels Greenbiz,a new development with an integrated office and workshop centre (Architectes Associes).
  • Simons-Anvers, a new development consisting of a multi-family building and the restoration of an old school (A2M).

We also attended a conference at which Aline Branders and Sebastian Moreno-Vacca, who are both architects with the company A2M and members of the Belgian Passivhaus Platform, explained the criteria behind this low energy demand construction standard.