Green Tour 2014 – Berlin

From 25th to 31st May, 2014, the students from the 2013-14 edition of the Master’s Degree did the Green Tour of Berlin. This is an extremely interesting city on account of its history, urban planning, reconstruction, cultural activity, and the numerous projects (both public and private) that are currently being carried out according to criteria based on promoting energy efficiency.

We visited the following projects:

– REWE Supermarkt, a sustainable supermarket constructed with: elements of prefabricated wood, the reuse of rainwater, the use of photovoltaic and geothermal energy. This project was awarded the DGNB – Gold Category in “Retail Building”.

– The Physics Institute of Humboldt University: a university building with green facades, rainwater management and an adiabatic refrigeration system.

– The UBA Office Building: the new office building of the Federal Agency for the Natural Environment, which has been constructed subject to the Passivhaus standard.

– The Heinrich-Boll Foundation: the headquarters of the foundation of the German Green Party. This s an office building with a very low heating and refrigeration demand, thanks to its facade, solar protection and the bioclimatic behaviour of its atrium. Any residual heat from the server hall is used for heating.

– The Dome of the Reichstag

– The UBA Federal Agency for the Environment in Dessau: this is the main office building of the Federal Agency for the Environment; the project was awarded the DGNB Gold category in 2009.

– GSW Headquarters: a high rise office building, with dynamic facades that control the solar heat gains, natural lighting and ventilation.

– The Lebens(t)raum Estate – Johannisthal: a residential complex of 20 housing units, constructed according to ecological criteria and with a participative community management system.

Trip to the south of China to promote the educational activity of A&SB

The architect Vicenç Mutgé, Master in Architecture and Sustainability by the UPC and a member of the Architecture & Sustainability Research Unit of Barcelona, travelled to Guangzhou (Chinese) at the end of May 2014. There, he met various universities and architecture and engineering studios and presented to them the wide range of postgraduate and made-to-measure specialisation courses offered by the educational team of A&SB.

Vicenç Mutgé met the Yangcheng Design Alliance (a group of more than 40 architecture companies), the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts, the School of Architecture and Urban Planning from the same city, the South China University of Technology and also companies such as Guangzhou Hanhua Architects Engineers Ltd., GLC, CAPOL, Teamer Arch, Tecon and TEC Architecture Technology Co Ltd.