Visit to the CENER and Aquavox buildings in Pamplona

In November, we went to Pamplona to visit two examples of bioclimatic buildings: the Centro Nacional de Energías Renovables (CENER – the National Centre for Renewable Energy) at Sarriguren and the Aquavox San Jorge sports complex.

The CENER is a technological centre that specialises in applied research and the development and promotion of renewable energy sources.

On the visit to the CENER, which is a project developed by the architects Ruiz-Larrea, Luis Miquel and Antonio Gutiérrez, we were accompanied by Florencio Manteca, head of the department of Bioclimatic Architecture at the CENER. He explained and showed us the bioclimatic strategies used by the building in winter and summer.

In the afternoon, we visited the Aquavox San Jorge municipal sports complex, accompanied by Carmelo Fernandez Militino (TYM Asociados), the architect responsible for the study and author of the project, and José Ignacio Alfonso, the head of projects of Pamplona City Council. This building won the Sustainable City prize for its design and is a good example of energy efficiency; it is a zero greenhouse gas thermal installation, thanks to its use of numerous types of renewable energy.