2012 Passivhaus Tour – Brussels

The 2012 Passivhaus Tour took place in Brussels from 5th to 8th December 2012. We visited office buildings, sports halls and neighbourhoods constructed according to the Passivhaus standard:

  1. The Royale St. Marie sports pavilion and administrative premises (by O2 Architects): a guided visit accompanied by the architect Laurent Michiels.
  2. Elia and Aeropolis passive offices (by the studio Architectes Associes): guided visits with the architect Sabine Léribaux.
  3. Marly passive offices building (by A2M architects).
  4. Visits to 30 passive housing units belonging to the Harem 02 project (also by A2M architects).
  5. Visit to the passive offices and kindergarten of the Forest Emploi building (also by A2M architects). On these three visits, we were accompanied by the architect Sebastian Moreno-Vacca.
  6. Talk by Jeroen Poppe, the architect of the Passivhaus Platform of Amberes, at the Free University of Brussels (ULB).