Visit to the CENER and to the Zero Emissions Building of Acciona Energia

The group from the Master’s Degree in Architecture and Sustainability visited the CENER and the Zero Emissions Building of Acciona Energia in the City of Innovation, at Sarriguren, near Pamplona.

CENER is a technology centre that specialises in applied research and in the development and promotion of renewable energy. It carries out research into Wind, Thermal Solar and Photovoltaic Solar Energy, Biomass, Energy-Efficient Buildings and the Integration of Renewable Energy into Networks. Most of its strategic lines of research: solar energy, bio-energy, hydroelectric energy, wind (off-shore and on-shore) energy, transversal technologies and the manufacturing of aero-generators are conducted at the Zero Emissions Building. To finish the day, we went for a meal and a walk around the city of Pamplona.