The 2012 Green Tour was to the city of Zurich; we also visited the cities of Lucerne and Basel:

  1. Visit to the Campus of the ETH: explanation of the latest technologies for saving energy that the campus has incorporated into its new buildings.
  2. Conference by Arno Schluter: The HPZ Building – ETH. SuAT – Technologies for Architecture and Sustainability.
  3. Renovation of the facades of the Heumatt buildings in a residential area.
  4. Visit to the Forum Chriesbach building and presentation by Rudolf Trachsel: Sustainability in Public Buildings
  5. Visit to headquarters of the brand Movenpick Marché International: an example of passive construction using wood and change of phase materials.
  6. Talk by Roland Stulz about the “2000W Society”
  7. Presentation about the Swiss energy certification for Minergie buildings.
  8. Visit to the Ihomelab laboratory in Lucerne: demonstration of regulation and control in the building sector and of the possibilities for using social networks and telecommunications to improve efficiency and security.
  9. Gundeldinger Feld, Basel: the sustainable rehabilitation of a former industrial complex and its reconversion into a social and commercial centre.
  10. Freitag Flagship Store: construction using maritime shipping containers.
  11. Visit to the MFO-Park.