“Barris Nord” basketball multi-sports pavilion

The new “Barris Nord” pavilion is a building that meets a complex set of requirements:

  1. Its preferential use had to be for high-level competitive basketball and, more precisely, to serve as the home of CE Lleida Basquetbol in Spain’s ACB professional basketball league.
  2. It also had to be compatible for use by other sports teams and associations from the city.
  3. It was designed as a building that would naturally fit into its climatic environment.

It has the form of a large box that has been modified to allow light to enter and to facilitate ventilation and it has extra protection over its main entrance.

The position of a previous architectural project on an adjacent plot is manifested in the form of an enormous head wall which forms a type of virtual cornice.

The structural solution has given form to the resulting space.

Team: Ezequiel Usón, Robert Brufau, Miquel A. Sala