Multifamily residential building in the Térmicas del besós polygon, Barcelona

This project is located in Térmicas del Besós polygon in Sán Adriá, Barcelona, the land has views to sea and a park adjacent to the river. The intention is a build with irregular form square open to a big central yard. This project has 163 flats in total with 5 different typologies starting from one to three bedrooms in blocks of different heights.

In north side with rambla´s view the build has 8 floors. The rest of one of the sides has 4 floors. All the housing has south-east and south-west orientation and has cross ventilation. The Access are produced by a passage that connect all blocks and it´s located on north side. The roofs partially landscaped incorporate photovoltaic pergolas and thermal solar panels.

In the ground floor there is located a free area (52% of floor surface) where is located a landscaped zone inside the square permeable to its environment which is delimited by the buildings.

The basement is just one level and Works as a parking lot enough up to 265 medium sized cars and it´s illuminated and ventilated in a natural form.


Prefabricated building system. With concrete panels that optimize the construction time, reduce waste and decreases pollution.

Utilization of cellulose fibre as insulation: this material is renewable and recicled.

Rainwater harvesting to irrigation: landscaped area, selection of trees and vegetation on the zone.

Zones with natural cross ventilation, solar radiation regulation and natural illumination.

Circulations and services on north side.

Accomplishment of passivhaus standard: thermal insulation, thermal bridges control, sealing, double flux ventilation with heat and cold recovery. Cooling needs: 11.40 kwh/m2 per year, hot needs: 14.40 kwh/m2 per year.

Public ground floor: generation of a large garden space

Mix of uses: housing, amenities, shops

Bicycle parking

Common spaces use on the building and roofs

Photovoltaic panels and thermal solar panels will generate energy for self-consumption.

Team: Agustina Calamari, Cristóbal Echenique, Martin Neuenschwander, Otto Merz, Irene Rodríguez