Visit to La Fábrica del Sol in Barcelona

On Friday 11.23.2018 the students of the Master of Architecture and Sustainability visited La Fabrica del Sol, this is an environmental educational facility owned by the town hall and promoted by de Department of Ecology, Urbanism and Mobility of the Barcelona City Council.

This is a modernist building from 1907, it was designed by the architect Josep Domènech i Estepá for the Catalan Gas department; and in 1995 it was acquired by the City Council of Barcelona to be restored. The building is included in the Architectural Heritage Catalog.

The building was rehabilitated with environmental concepts, like the reuse of the rainwater, an interior vertical garden, the use of photovoltaic panels and air conditioning by natural ventilation.

The terrace is the center of the building, there you can observe, and enjoy, most of the strategies, a gallery made with photovoltaic panels that produce energy for the building, a floating pavement that is a reservoir of rain water to be used by the toilets and a green roof that provides insulation and benefits to the Urban biodiversity.

Inside the building there is a public library with ecological and environmental books as well as testing instrumental that can be rented. There is also, a permanent exhibition room with interactive screens and samples of different sustainable materials. The objective of La Fabrica del Sol is to raise awareness about renewable energy and sustainability.