Visit to the Sant Gervasi – Joan Maragall Library

The students of the Master’s Degree in Architecture and Sustainability visited the Sant Gervasi-Joan Maragall Library accompanied by the architect Toni Casamor, member of the Baena Casamor Arquitectes, BCQ, study who were responsible for the design and development of the project.

During the visit, it could be seen the different strategies adopted for its design, which was formulated from a garden of a pre-existing building. In respect to the existing place it was chosen a buried design which allows the generation of interesting spaces and contributes to the isolation of the building with the exterior. The interior program adapts to the needs of a contemporary society and provides a broad and transparent space for the people to study in. The building turns to the use of materials that make reference to the earth, such as the interior partitions of hollow brick with visible termination, and makes use of overhead and lateral lighting through large windows that provide a very good lighting towards the inside.