Visit to the Ecoparc de Montcada i Reixach

On February 16 we visited the Ecoparc de Montcada i Reixach which is a mechanical and biological waste treatment plant for municipal waste. Located in the Can Salvatella Industrial Estate of Barberà del Valiès the Ecoparc has been in operation since 2004.

The Ecoparc de Montcada i Reixach carries out the waste treatment of the gray, brown and yellow containers. According to the data of the town hall the plant recovers around 8500 tons of waste that was not properly divided per year.

In the facilities you can see the process of waste separation that was not properly classified at the beginning (plastic products, metal, glass, paper, among others) and then is sent to other treatment plants to be recycled. The Ecoparc also carries out the process of producing biogas and fertilizer from resources that could not be previously recovered from recycling. Biogas is a source of renewable energy that is generated from the degradation of organic matter and is used to generate heat and electricity. On the other hand, the fertilizer produced in the plant, depending on the quality of the waste, can be used for agriculture, gardening or simply landfill.